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Schaumburg awards Youth Orchestra scholarships

The village of Schaumburg has awarded Schaumburg Youth Orchestra scholarships totaling $2,500 to 19 students for their outstanding contributions during the program's 2018-19 season.

Recipients were selected from the program's four performing ensembles. In addition to the village-sponsored scholarships, three graduating high school seniors each received a special scholarship worth $500.

Horn player Phoebe Domanus received the Case-Kelliher Scholarship sponsored by Schaumburg Village Trustee George Dunham; violinist Sydney Sadler received the Leo Chan Alumni Award sponsored by former youth orchestra member Leo Chan; and violist Sarah O'Connell received the Ruth Park Senior Music Scholarship sponsored by the Prairie Center Arts Foundation.

Recipients received their scholarships at the May 14 village board meeting. The Schaumburg Youth Orchestra is a program of the village of Schaumburg.

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