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  • 39 year resident of Schaumburg

  • Born in Chicago to Scottish Immigrants

  • Grew up in Oak Park, IL.

  • Attended Oak Park River Forest High School

  • Went to Triton Jr College in River Grove

  • Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Elmhurst College

  • Mayor 2019-current

  • Village Trustee 1989-2009 and again from 2014-2019

  • Member of NW Municipal Conference Executive Board

  • Chairman of Joint Action Water Agency

  • Member of Illinois Municipal League

  • Member Meet Chicago NW Convention Bureau

  • Member Firefighters Pension Investment Fund

  • Former Chairman of Village's Transportation Committee

  • Former Chairman of Village's Finance Committee

  • Former Chairman of Village's Engineering & Public Works Committee

  • Former Chairman of Village's Regional Airport Advisory Commission

  • Former Zoning Board of Appeals Member


Tom Dailly
I love Schaumburg. Since the day I moved here almost 40 years ago, I made it my goal to help my community become the best place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

I ran for Mayor because I believed with my 24 years of dedication and commitment having served on local committees and the village board, Schaumburg has become those things and more. As part of Schaumburg’s progress over the last 30 years, I brought the knowledge and experience and proven leadership from those years to lead Schaumburg into the future, especially at a time when government is under pressure to provide the highest quality of public services while reducing the tax burden on residents and businesses alike.

Asa Mayor with a proven track record of local government involvement, I will continue to work to reduce the tax burden on residents and businesses while continuing to provide a safe and vibrant community. As proof, over the last 10 years, Schaumburg has reduced the tax burden on its residents and businesses by 13%. No other community can make that claim.

AsMayor I kept my pledge to reduce your property taxes by 5% by the end of my first year. I also kept my pledge to increase the road improvement fund by $2M a year. Thirdly, I kept my promise to create a small business grant program for small businesses struggling to pay bills and make payroll helping to keep people employed. I kept my promises and will continue to reduce taxes and improve roads every change we get.

Schaumburg continues to be an economic powerhouse in the State of Illinois, generating more sales tax dollars to the state than any other community other than the City of Chicago. Why? Because we have built a community that values its residents and businesses and provides for a wonderful place to work, eat, and play.
My priority is to continue to provide the safest environment for residents and businesses alike so they can be comfortable knowing their investments are growing and that Schaumburg is the place to be.

In order for that to happen, Schaumburg needs someone that is knowledgeable of how local government works and experienced in its innerworkings to make this happen.
Contact Mayor Dailly Today!

Have a question or concern about Schaumburg? Email Mayor Dailly and let him know what matters to you and your family.

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