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Preckwinkle visits Schaumburg Farmers Market, Trickster Cultural Center

by Joe Lewnard, Daily Herald

Schaumburg Mayor Tom Dailly invited Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to visit the village when they met a year ago, and for the second time since, she has taken him up on his offer.

Friday at the farmers market, Dailly and Preckwinkle, led by Martha Dooley, Schaumburg community development landscape and sustainability coordinator, stopped at booths featuring vendors that sold fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, prepared foods, breads, jams and household items.

They also visited the Trickster Cultural Center, located next to the farmers market, where the center's CEO, Joe Podlasek, gave the group a tour. The Native American and community arts center also serves Native American veterans and their needs. However, it's closed to on-site visits by the public until Sept. 18 due to the coronavirus.

Among the first vendors Preckwinkle visited was one who sold fresh-cut flowers, and she noted the pleasant fragrance. Moments later, a produce vendor showed her types of vegetables that aren't often sold in grocery stores.

Dooley said the Schaumburg Farmers Market features 33 vendors, and 2,000 people visit each Friday.

Vendors' canopies are spaced six feet apart and some vendors use tables to separate items from the public to prevent handling of produce, Dooley said. People are required to wear masks and fencing surrounds the grounds so that everyone enters and exits at a common point.

"It's been very popular. We've been very happy with the turnout," Dooley said. "People are so happy to be able to go out and come to an event."

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