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The National Citizen Survey: Schaumburg Results

"Understanding the needs of your community is crucial to ensuring resident satisfaction, high livability standards and planning for the future."

At last night's board meeting, the Village of Schaumburg released the latest National Citizen Survey Results for 2018. This is the 3rd time the village has conducted the NCS with the results used for strategic planning for Schaumburg's future.

The survey was distributed to 1,527 residents throughout the village and resulted in high marks for quality of life, as a place to raise a family and feeling safe in their neighborhoods. We have a lot to be proud of here in Schaumburg and it shows!

See full results below:

For more information on the National Citizen Survey visit here.


48% Female, 52% Male


Less than 2 years - 12%

2 to 5 years - 20%

6 to 10 years - 14%

11 to 20 years - 23%

More than 20 years - 31%


93% of residents rated the village as an excellent or good place to live

91% of residents would recommend Schaumburg as a place to live

91% gave positive ratings to the overall image and overall appearance of the village

91% responded positively to the overall quality of life


Schaumburg ranked 2nd among 289 comparison communities for shopping opportunities

Quality of Businesses & Services - 87%

Schaumburg as a Place to Work - 87%

Overall Economic Health - 86%

Availability of Quality, Affordable Food - 83%

Vibrant Commercial Area - 81%


92% of respondents would recommend Schaumburg as a place to raise a family

Public Library - 96%

K-12 Education - 93%

Education and Enrichment Opportunities - 87%

Adult Education - 86%

Health and Wellness - 84%

Recreational Opportunities - 80%


95% feel safe in their neighborhoods

90% feel safe in the Woodfield area

Fire overall - 95%

Ambulance/EMS overall - 94%

Fire prevention - overall 89%


81% responded favorably to economic development

84% gave positive ratings to the overall built environment

74% gave positive ratings to the quality of new development in Schaumburg

74% gave positive ratings to land use, planning and zoning services


86% gave positive ratings for the overall quality of village services

Garbage Collection - 90%

Yard Waste Pickup - 88%

Street Lighting - 82%

Sidewalk Maintenance - 71%

Storm Drainage - 73%

Code Enforcement - 72%

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