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ENDORSEMENT: Mayor Rodney Craig

Mayor Rodney Craig, Village of Hanover Park

I am humbled and grateful to have received the endorsement of Mayor Rodney Craig of Hanover Park. I have great respect and admiration for the work that he has accomplished in his community and I look forward to working with him as Mayor of Schaumburg. Thank you, Rod!

"Endorsing Tom Dailly for Mayor of Schaumburg assures the business community and the residents a continuity of visionary planning and collaborative decision making into the future. The knowledge, skills and abilities of Tom having served the Village of Schaumburg are exceptional. He has been most diligent working budgetary matters and he builds confidence in those who seek to raise their family in a community that is a model for others to follow."

"My experience working with Tom Dailly has always been exceptional and understanding of our mutual needs in a collaborative decision making process that is reassuring seeking outcomes that serve our residents."

"I urge the residents of Schaumburg to support Tom Dailly with your vote valuing the continued success of your home town."

Rodney Craig Mayor, Village of Hanover Park

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